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Is Attachment Theory and the Concept of a 'Secure Base' relevant to supporting women during the process of resettlement? Observations from the Women’s Turnaround Project

Written by  Works for Freedom (30/11/99)

This research paper looks at The Women’s Turnaround Project and the relationships between women who use its resettlement services and key workers. The Women?s Turnaround Project provides women caught up, or at risk of being caught up, with the criminal justice system with a women-centred gateway to multi service, non coercive support. The research highlights the importance of the attachment needs of women during resettlement, explores their childhood experiences and good practice in supporting them. It concludes that more emphasis should be placed on the relationship between the key workers and their clients in order to reduce offending rather than the current focus on meeting assessed needs.

Additional Info

  • Run By / Author: Leeanne Plechowicz
  • Website: http://www.thegriffinssociety.org/research.html
  • Subject:
  • When Published: 2009
  • Place of Publication: Cardiff
  • Publisher: The Griffins Society
  • Summary:
  • Specific Location:
  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Email:
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