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The No Way Trust (Prison! Me! No Way!)

Written by  Emma Hanson (06/03/12)

The No Way Trust, more commonly known as Prison! Me! No Way! is an innovative approach designed in 1993 by 3 serving Prison Officers from HMP Hull. They believe that preventative work is the way forward in deterring young people from becoming involved in a life of crime. They are able to attract further prison officers from other prison establishments around the UK to support the work.  This network of prison officer volunteers provided, and still provides, an interactive and through-provoking learning workshop about prison life, and the consequences of crime. It is delivered to young people’s youth organisations such as schools, pupil referral units, youth justice service teams and other organisations working with young people aged between 8 – 18 years old.

These programmes are based on the true harsh realities of prison conditions and prison life, whilst dispelling the myths that are sometimes portrayed in the media. The ethos was set that shock tactics were not to be used but the facts, sensitive though they may be, are delivered in a responsible manner.

The No Way Trust works in partnership with an array of public and third sector organisations daily in an effect to improve the lives of young people, their communities, each other and reduce crime and prison sentences.


Additional Info

  • Who runs the project?: The No Way Trust
  • What are the aims?: The No Way Trust seeks to guide and inspire young people; to promote and develop a fairer socially inclusive society, with fewer inequalities. Mistake, poverty, exclusion, or social deprivation should not mean a future without hope. It is our intention to provide credible and effective lifelong learning experiences that will help to reduce any negative influences and encourage more young people to make a success of their lives.
  • Who does it benefit?: Young people
  • Where is it based?: UK
  • Add a specific location:
  • Website address: www.pmnw.co.uk
  • Contact name: Emma Hanson
  • Contact email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Contact phone:
  • Contact postcode:
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