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Displaying items by tag: Mental health



Pecan is a Peckham based Christian charity that support the most vulnerable people in the community to overcome any barriers they are facing. This includes people who have been sanctioned by the criminal justice system and their families, people living with mental health issues and the long-term unemployed.

 They have several projects that address the complex needs of their client base:

Foodbank: designed to help individuals in need by providing free emergency food for three days, which is the period assessed as the minimum time it takes for the appropriate agencies to be in a position to assist. This period can be extended if necessary. When they come they are welcomed by a trained local church volunteer and are given the opportunity to chat through their situation, get advice and be signposted on to other relevant services. This will help tackle any longer term issues as well as their immediate crisis needs.

Information, advice and guidance: this service offers help to people living in London as they seek employment. Pecan help with CV preparation and guidance in where to look for work. The service is run through a mix of one-to-one sessions and workshop appointments. They also provide an outreach service in a number of community venues.

Moving on mentoring programme: Pecan currently work with women who have served sentences both over and under 12 months who present a variety of risk indicators. Pecan believes that consistency, perseverance, creativity and determination are essential in their work and this project has illustrated how important endurance is to the rehabilitative process. 

Published in User-Voices Practice

Revolving Doors is a charity working across England to change systems and improve services for people with multiple problems, including poor mental health, who are in contact with the criminal justice system.

Their mission is to demonstrate and share evidence of effective interventions and to promote reform of public services through partnerships with political leaders, policy makers, commissioners and other experts and by involving people with direct experience of the problem in all their work.

Their three areas of work are:

  • Policy and research (where they work with policymakers in national and local government, across Whitehall and in local and regional authorities to improve responses for the revolving doors group).
  • Partnership and development (where they work with organisations and individuals across England and Wales to demonstrate solutions for the revolving doors group).
  • Service user involvement (which brings together people from different areas of the country who have experience of multiple and complex needs and have had contact with the criminal justice system to ensure that everything they do is rooted in the reality of people's experiences).
Published in User-Voices Practice

Elmore Community Services is a registered charity that provides high quality services for marginalised and disenfranchised people throughout Oxfordshire.

Elmore aims to work with people with complex needs (including mental health) who do not easily fit into existing service provision or who need support to access service provision in their local community. They identify gaps and barriers in current provision and use this information to lobby for, and create and implement models of working that address these issues. They work directly with people on the margins of society and aim to support individuals to have equal access to the basic rights of society.

They provide both emotional and practical support. This might include helping individuals to register with a GP, support to access addiction services, making sure that they have support in court or help to sort out their benefits and finances. Elmore will help build confidence and independence so that people will feel ready to eventually stop working with them.

Published in User-Voices Practice

Missing Link


Missing Link is a mental health and housing service, for women only, based in Bristol. They provide support to women who are sleeping rough, have a history of sleeping rough, or are in danger of losing their home due their mental illness.

Their many services include shared housing where women will recieve a flexible support plan to deal with their needs, build their skill base and help them move on to permanent housing. Missing Link also provides emotional support on the weekends to help women get to know the area they have moved into and feel confident about their new living arrangements. 

Counselling and specialist support for self-harm is also available, alongside support for accessing educational, voluntary and recreational activities within the city. 


Published in Housing Practice



Rethink is the biggest voluntary sector provider of mental health services England.

With over 200 mental health services and 150 groups across England, Rethink provide a wide range of support and advice for those living with mental illness.

This includes help with:

  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Living with mental illness
  • Support and advice for family and friends
  • Gaining access to employment and training
  • Mental illness and the criminal justice sector

There are many ways you can get involved by joining their campaigns or volunteering your time.


Published in Health Practice

Established by a group of homeless people, Single Homeless Project  SHP began with one property in Pimlico in 1977. Today they provide a wide range of accommodation and support services to 6,000 people a year across 22 London boroughs. 

Their wide range of services aim to:

  • Minimise harm from substance misuse and helping people access appropriate treatment
  • Work with the criminal justice system to break offending patterns and help offenders re-integrate into the community
  • Support people with mental ill health who are leaving hospital or facing exclusion from other services
  • Support young people to develop the skills they need to manage their own tenancies
  • Enable all clients to grow in confidence and develop appropriate life skills



Published in Housing Practice

Turning Point


Turning Point was created to help people find a new direction in life. Whether they are approached by anyone with drug or alcohol addiction, mental health issues, a learning disability, employment difficulties - or a combination of factors - they provide the individual support that is needed by tailoring their services to the individual in order to get their life back on track.

Turning Point also provides advice for friends and family about any concerns they have about their loved ones as well as working with commisioners, GPs and the wider community to deliver positive outcomes.

Published in User-Voices Practice

Homeless Link


Homeless Link represents and supports organisations working with homeless people in the UK. Our vision is a country free of homelessness where everybody has a place to call home.

We are holding a one day conference on 9 December 2013 in London:

Improving Support for People with Multiple Needs

This conference will help you to develop a coordinated support package for your clients around homelessness, addiction, menal health and offending. You will find out how to work in partnership with local services to address multiple needs in an holistic way. You will examine models of coordinated services and systems that work well and actively build connections with peers across sectors. Please see our website for more information. This event is being delivered by Homeless Link in partnership with Clinks, DrugScope and Mind.

Published in Housing Practice

About Turn


The About Turn project supports ex-servicemen and women who are experiencing homelessness or housing problems, who are incarcerated in prison or have involvement with the criminal justice system. Many ex-forces personnel have alcohol and drug dependency issues and have difficulty accessing the support they need in relation to mental health and/ or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Published in User-Voices Practice



Leading UK mental health charity, Together, help those who are dealing with mental suffering and distress to direct themselves in their journey towards improved mental health. The services offered by Together strongly believe in the role of personalisation, and aim to provide the tools, knowledge and support that people need to better help themselves towards a life that is independent, positive and rewarding. The crucial work undertaken at Together is underpinned by a vision aimed at breaking down the barriers that cause ignorance in society so that everyone can live lives free of prejudice; the charity pride themselves on their approach which is centred around working directly with service users, as the services are constantly being shaped by the people who actually use them. Formed in 1879, Together currently offer a range of services to almost 4,000 adults every month within 80 projects throughout England, which include community support centres, home-based community support, criminal justice mental health services, housing support and advocacy work. In offering holistic support and unique guidance tailored to the individual, Together allows individuals to lead their own recovery at their own pace and deal with each issue one step at a time. 

Visit Together’s website http://www.together-uk.org/ to find out more about the organisation and their services. 

Published in Health Practice
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