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Ashiana has over 30 years experience of working with Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) adults, children and young people fleeing domestic and sexual abuse within a range of multiple perpetrator systems such as forced marriage, human trafficking, gang violence and 'honour'-based violence.

They have a vast body of experience of supporting victims suffering the effects of recent and lifelong trauma, from widely different religious, linguistic and geographical communities and experiences and confronted with sharing intimate living spaces at points of crisis and potential breakdown in their lives. Ashiana provides accommodation for BAMER women and children experiencing domestic abuse and those trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation and domestic abuse.  They also support male and female vicitms of human trafficking in the UK on an outreach basis.

Ashiana offer confidential and culturally specific advice, support and information to their clients. They are based in Sheffield but offer support across England, Wales and Scotland.

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The Domestic Violence Intervention Project has services across London to stop the cycle of domestic violence and reduce the harm it causes to women, children. and families.

They run services for both women who have been a victim of domestic abuse and any men who have been violent to their partner. Their family support services include:

  • supervised contact between parents and children who do not live with them
  • therapy for children who have been affected by domestic violence
  • The Parenting Information Programme, for parents who have separated
  • support for parents of adolescents. 

They also have a specialised service for young people which offers confidential support for those young people who believe that their behaviours are hurting the people they care about. 

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Networkfour originated back in December 2008 with the vision to see Birmingham's most vulnerable and deprived young people and adults offered a chance to see hope and transformation. Since then Networkfour continues to establish and grow to now provide support for many hundreds of adults and young people to find steps to change and a positive future.

Their hubs work directly with West Midlands Police and support Local Policing Units and Offender Management Teams offering nine bespoke intervention care pathways  across the following areas for any individual referred to us through West Midlands Police, probation and youth offending teams:

  • Health                                    
  • Housing                                           
  • Alcohol and substances
  • Children of those sanctioned by criminal justice
  • Families
  • Benefits, finance and debt
  • Attitudes thinking and behaviour
  • Education, training and employment
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual exploitation
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The Magdalene Group support women working in prostitution and provide support to help them exit and leave the often violent and damaging lifestyle behind them.

They aim to improve the quality of people lives through preventing sexual exploitation and coercion and support to those involved in sex work and offer opportunities for change.

Their objectives include: 

  • Providing  a drop-in service that offers a safe and positive place that seeks to engage and build relationships with the women in order to help them manage their everyday lives.
  • Providing advocacy for the women within a range of health, social care, education, criminal justice and wider community.
  • Providing a range of prevention and support services to young people at risk of exploitation.
  • Reaching out and engaging with women working in sex work and/or at risk of sexual exploitation and developing innovative ways of making contact in an endlessly adapting environment.
  • Developing a befriending scheme that is responsive to the individual needs of the clients.
  • Forming and maintaining good partnership working with other voluntary and statutory agencies to ensure holistic packages of care and support.


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Based in the north east of England, Norcare provides housing support and a whole range of other services for some of the most vulnerable groups in society including those suffering alcohol or drug addiction, those with mental health issues and victims of domestic violence. They take a holistic approach, working closely with clients to help them address the challenges they face in all aspects of their lives.

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women@thewell is a drop in centre, based in Kings Cross, for women offering them advice and support on the following:

  • street based prostitution
  • involvement in the criminal justice system 
  • anti-social behaviour
  • problematic drug and alcohol abuse
  • rough sleeping
  • trafficking

In 2011 they supported 337 women, some with multiple needs: 

  • 225 needed help with accommodation
  • 167 needed support around drug and alcohol issues
  • 249 had support needs relating to abuse, rape and domestic violence.
  • 224 women had problems with finance, benefits and debt,
  • 258 were suffering from mental and or physical ill-health
  • 116 disclosed invovlement in prostitution 





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Zinthiya Trust


The Zinthiya Trust is a charity working to support women from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as those who may have found their way into crime and sex work, and may be suffering from homelessness, long term unemployment or are victims of domestic violence. They provide a free, confidential drop-in service where women are able to go to talk, meet others in similar circumstances, or just to socialise and have fun. The Zinthiya Trust help women get back into work, education and training and help to change lives by offering advice on a wide range of issues, including skills development and career advice. 

The Zinthyia Trust also provide mentoring sessions on a one-to-one basis, allowing them to get to know each woman as an individual and find the most effective way to assist her, with all guidance tailored to specific needs. Working closely with local employers, the charity help to get women into practical work experience and training, as well as helping to change the attidudes and perceptions of others. The Zinthiya Trust pride themselves on being there 'to listen, not to judge', and work with every woman to help her find the best way forward. 

The Zinthiya Trust are based in Leicester. You can find out more about their work by visiting their website: zinthiyatrust.org

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Vulnerable women from all ethnic backgrounds are offered support by the Asha Centre.  Originally providing services to women sanctioned by the criminal justice system, several years ago the remit widenned and the centre now offers support to women from different backgrounds and cultures around the county.

Women in contact with Asha are affected by multiple disadvantages. They are socially excluded, considered 'hard to reach' and do not engage with main stream services. The most common problems are isolation, lack of confidence, depression, mental health, domestic violence and abuse, housing issues, lone parenthood, substance misuse, lack of family support, financial problems and reliance on benefits

Referrals come from different sources: mental health professionals, the Probation Service, prisons, housing providers, substance misuse agencies and other local community agencies. 

Asha offers a range of resources and interventions for educational and employment opportunities which engage women and support them to rebuild their lives.

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Based at the Brighton Women's Centre, Inspire is a project working with women who have been caught up in the criminal justice system. Each woman supported by Inspire has her own senior case worker and together they address individual needs. A holistic approach is offered and women are able to access a range of services, addressing unemployment, improving literacy and numeracy, as well as working with issues such as domestic and sexual violence, substance misuse and mental health.


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Deptford Reach


Deptford Reach work with prisoners on licence, and those who have just been released from prison, to integrate them back into the community. They also work with victims of crime.


The drop-in centre in Deptford supports more than 70 people a day, many with multiple problems who struggle to access other services. Many are homeless, threatened with eviction, unemployed and with histories of mental illness, alcohol or drug misuse. Deptford Reach work with many people who find it difficult to access mainstream services including people from black and ethnic minorities, ex-servicemen, ex-offenders, prisoners on licence, refugees and asylum seekers.


Their work involves working with people who are:

  • either suffering domestic violence or perpetrators of domestic violence
  • engaged in activities to fun their gambling or drug and alcohol habits
  • involved directly or indirectly with the criminal justice system
  • suffering from depression or other issues related to having crimes committed against them or their significant others in their lives

Deptford Reach participate in a project organised by Create called Speak with my Voice, find out more here.

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