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Works for Freedom

Works for Freedom

Works for Freedom supports practice that empowers, by sharing knowledge and experience.

Website URL: http://www.worksforfreedom.org

Kairos Women Working Together (WWT) believe in the value and dignity of all women. They aim to support, empower, and give a voice to women at risk of or subject to sexual exploitation, including those caught up in sex work and those aspiring to leave it. They work in Coventry and provide safe spaces, a listening ear and opportunities for change and growth.

Their aims are:

  • To support women at risk of or subject to sexual exploitation, including those caught up in sex work and those aspiring to leave it
  • To offer safe spaces for women
  • To offer a listening ear and to give a voice through advocacy
  • To create a wide range of opportunities for development, change and growth
  • To promote self-advocacy, self-care and independence
  • To facilitate access to other professional services

They also offer support at HMP Peterborough that includes one to one meetings, pen pal and newsletter services, advocacy and day-release support.

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Road to Reduction? Response to the Women's Custodial Estate Review

This report from Women in Prison outlines the changes proposed in NOMS' Women's Custodial Estate Review and contains a recommendation by recommendation analysis of the reforms. 

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Established by a group of homeless people, Single Homeless Project  SHP began with one property in Pimlico in 1977. Today they provide a wide range of accommodation and support services to 6,000 people a year across 22 London boroughs. 

Their wide range of services aim to:

  • Minimise harm from substance misuse and helping people access appropriate treatment
  • Work with the criminal justice system to break offending patterns and help offenders re-integrate into the community
  • Support people with mental ill health who are leaving hospital or facing exclusion from other services
  • Support young people to develop the skills they need to manage their own tenancies
  • Enable all clients to grow in confidence and develop appropriate life skills



Published in Housing Practice

Chaos Theory


Chaos Theory is a violence prevention organisation that aims to engage those most likely to be involved in violence, as either perpetrator or victim within the serious street and gang-related violence arena.

The charity's mission is to reduce shootings, stabbings and killings whilst challenging and changing the social norms that view violence as acceptable.

The organisation is one of only a handful of violence prevention interventions focused on 18-25 year olds and aims to provide an immediate, in-the-moment, intervention in crisis situations that could result in violence. They do so by:

  • Intervening in crisis using specialist high risk mediation skills
  • Helping individuals deal with 'in the moment' stressful events or shooting without shooting/stabbing
  • Organising and mediating conflicts between individuals and/or groups
  • Preventing larger scale events or retaliatory violence before it occurs
  • Providing ongoing behaviour change and support to individuals using outreach services.
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Doorway is a charity drop-in centre in Chippenham, Wiltshire. They provide a friendly, safe place for adults who are homeless or who have complex issues that might affect their ability to acquire and sustain a tenancy.

Homelessness is often an invisible problem in rural areas like North Wiltshire. Unlike the big cities, rough sleepers are rarely seen. Rather than sleeping on the streets, people who find themselves without a roof in Chippenham are often taken in by friends. They are the 'Hidden Homeless' of North Wiltshire.

As well as providing guests with everyday basics like freshly cooked food, and laundry and shower facilities, they also offer a range of activities such as:

  • music
  • creative writing
  • art workshops
  • indoor football
  • IT training
  • women's group

These activities aim to build self esteem and teach new skills as a first step to moving into work and sustaining a tenancy.

Published in Housing Practice



Networkfour originated back in December 2008 with the vision to see Birmingham's most vulnerable and deprived young people and adults offered a chance to see hope and transformation. Since then Networkfour continues to establish and grow to now provide support for many hundreds of adults and young people to find steps to change and a positive future.

Their hubs work directly with West Midlands Police and support Local Policing Units and Offender Management Teams offering nine bespoke intervention care pathways  across the following areas for any individual referred to us through West Midlands Police, probation and youth offending teams:

  • Health                                    
  • Housing                                           
  • Alcohol and substances
  • Children of those sanctioned by criminal justice
  • Families
  • Benefits, finance and debt
  • Attitudes thinking and behaviour
  • Education, training and employment
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual exploitation
Published in User-Voices Practice

A hand up, not a hand out.

The Diaspora Support Network's mission is to support the resettlement of foreign national detainees and unlock their potential to positively contribute, build and sustain their communities. They are  a resource for individuals, businesses and communities in various nations, working towards resettlement through economic and social justice.

They provide regular outreach shops to men in Wormwood Scrubs and Brixton HMP who are awaiting deportation to Jamaica and Nigeria. These workshops consist of resettlement planning, skills assessment and providing resettlement information and advocacy with follow through services in Jamaica, such as the Jamaica Reducing Re-offending Action Plan (JRRAP).

Published in User-Voices Practice

Ashford Place


Over the past 30 years Ashford Place (formerly Cricklewood Homeless Concern) have grown to become a resource for the entire community, not just those who are homeless.

They support and facilitate positive change for individuals through the provision of a range of programmes including; housing, health, training and employment. At the same time they aim to develop services that  build capacity and enhance the lives of the local community.  

They have a  range of objectives under four categories:

  • Community engagement
  • Community services
  • Capacity building
  • Social enterprise development
Published in Housing Practice

The Magdalene Group support women working in prostitution and provide support to help them exit and leave the often violent and damaging lifestyle behind them.

They aim to improve the quality of people lives through preventing sexual exploitation and coercion and support to those involved in sex work and offer opportunities for change.

Their objectives include: 

  • Providing  a drop-in service that offers a safe and positive place that seeks to engage and build relationships with the women in order to help them manage their everyday lives.
  • Providing advocacy for the women within a range of health, social care, education, criminal justice and wider community.
  • Providing a range of prevention and support services to young people at risk of exploitation.
  • Reaching out and engaging with women working in sex work and/or at risk of sexual exploitation and developing innovative ways of making contact in an endlessly adapting environment.
  • Developing a befriending scheme that is responsive to the individual needs of the clients.
  • Forming and maintaining good partnership working with other voluntary and statutory agencies to ensure holistic packages of care and support.


Published in Relationships Practice



Headliners is a unique charity which inspires and encourages the personal development of young people through journalism.

Young people are trained to research and produce stories on issues important to them for publication and broadcast in national and local newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online.

Headliners put young people at the centre and let them get involved in decision making at every level. They assist other organisations to develop participation strategy by training adults and young people in areas such as the recruitment of staff, business planning and influencing policy in their communities.

Young people from Headliners can become trustees after the age of 18 and are able to research issues and produce stories for publication and broadcast in the mainstream media. Impressively, recent work includes broadcasts for Sky News and BBC Radio 4, and publication in The Guardian, local newspapers and websites covering issues such as gang wars, HIV/AIDS and size zero women.

Published in User-Voices Practice
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