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Crew 2000

Written by  Works for Freedom (30/11/99)

Crew 2000 offer a range of services that are appropriate and proportionate for wherever people are on their drug using journey. Our services are for people at every level: from people interested in drugs and their effects and experimenters, to regular users and to people who are finding their drug use is causing problems for them.

Additional Info

  • Who runs the project?: Crew 2000
  • What are the aims?: We neither condemn nor condone drug use but believe there are ways to reduce harm for the significant numbers of our fellow citizens who decide to use them. We want to ensure that people have the best information available in order to make up their own mind about whether they should or shouldn't use drugs.
  • Who does it benefit?:
  • Add a specific location:
  • Website address: http://www.crew2000.org.uk
  • Contact name: Carla -Operations Manager
  • Contact email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Contact phone: 0131 220 3404
  • Contact postcode:
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