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Relationships Practice

After Adoption

Written by Works for Freedom (30/01/14)

After Adoption is a voluntary adoption agency and independent adoption support charity dedicated to helping 8,000 children and adults per year from all walks of life deal with the difference adoption brings to their lives.  They offer independent services that support individuals and families at any stage of their adoption journey.

For example:

  • If you are thinking of adopting
  • Family support
  • Searching for someone or information
  • If your child is being adopted
  • If you are adopted yourself

They also provide information for proffesionals including training, conferences, and resource packs.

Published in Relationships Practice

The Magdalene Group support women working in prostitution and provide support to help them exit and leave the often violent and damaging lifestyle behind them.

They aim to improve the quality of people lives through preventing sexual exploitation and coercion and support to those involved in sex work and offer opportunities for change.

Their objectives include: 

  • Providing  a drop-in service that offers a safe and positive place that seeks to engage and build relationships with the women in order to help them manage their everyday lives.
  • Providing advocacy for the women within a range of health, social care, education, criminal justice and wider community.
  • Providing a range of prevention and support services to young people at risk of exploitation.
  • Reaching out and engaging with women working in sex work and/or at risk of sexual exploitation and developing innovative ways of making contact in an endlessly adapting environment.
  • Developing a befriending scheme that is responsive to the individual needs of the clients.
  • Forming and maintaining good partnership working with other voluntary and statutory agencies to ensure holistic packages of care and support.


Published in Relationships Practice


Written by Works for Freedom (30/08/13)

Learn2Listen is an organisation that operates a sponsored outreach programme to support youth engagement and community transformation.

There are various ways to help and get involved:

  • Sponsor the Book
  • Run a Learn2Listen sponsored event or hold a Learn2Listen party
  • Sponsor a speaker to deliver their story into a youth or challenged sector
  • Offer your time, services or talent
  • Help spread the stories and champion Learn2Listen
  • Make a donation to support the development of the brand
  • Become a corporate sponsor
Published in Relationships Practice

Out There

Written by Works for Freedom (12/08/13)

Out There supports families, in the Manchester areas, of prisoners.

They aim to:

  • reduce the isolation experienced by families of prisoners
  • maintain family ties
  • increase the number and involvement of volunteers
  • increase awareness in the wider community of the issues for prisoners' families

The project:

  • offers one to one contact, home visits, telephone support and support groups
  • acts as an intermediary with prison services and provides escorts to prison
  • informs families of support and services available to them
  • recruits and trains volunteers and introduces them to families
  • gives talks to organisations and distributes information
Published in Relationships Practice


Written by Works for Freedom (29/07/13)

women@thewell is a drop in centre, based in Kings Cross, for women offering them advice and support on the following:

  • street based prostitution
  • involvement in the criminal justice system 
  • anti-social behaviour
  • problematic drug and alcohol abuse
  • rough sleeping
  • trafficking

In 2011 they supported 337 women, some with multiple needs: 

  • 225 needed help with accommodation
  • 167 needed support around drug and alcohol issues
  • 249 had support needs relating to abuse, rape and domestic violence.
  • 224 women had problems with finance, benefits and debt,
  • 258 were suffering from mental and or physical ill-health
  • 116 disclosed invovlement in prostitution 





Published in Relationships Practice

Caring for Ex-Offenders (CFEO) is an organisation geared towards easing the transition from prison life into the community for those who serving custodial sentences. This is achieved primarily through co-ordinating a link between the individual coming out of prison, and their local church, which aims to better assist successful resettlement. CFEO train a team in a church near to where the individual is due to be relocated, who will mentor and support them at various stages. A relationship between the mentor and the individual is established whilst the individual is still inside prison, with the mentor then meeting them at the gate upon release and accompanying them to initial appointments and assist them in obtain basic needs, such as housing, employment, education, recovery from addictions, financial advice and relationships. With the prospect of reintegration into the community a daunting challenge for someone upon release from prison, the friendship, advice and support offered by a CFEO team makes the chances of successful transition much higher, and, in turn, reduces the likelihood of reoffending.

If you would like to find out more about Caring for Ex-Offenders then please visit www.caringforexoffenders.org/

Published in Relationships Practice


Written by Works for Freedom (20/05/13)

AFFECT is an organisation for the families and friends of those serving long periods in custody. They offer professional counselling on a one to one basis in person or via the telephone, and also give support with a volunteer who has experience of coping when someone is in prison for a long time. They can accompany those attending court and can offer telephone contact before, during and after the trial.


Published in Relationships Practice


Written by Works for Freedom (13/05/13)

Happy (Help and Protect Prisoners' Youngsters) gives advice, counselling and free bus rides to families from all over Scotland who are visiting prisoners at HMP Kilmarnock and Shotts. Their aim is to help maintain contact between children and a parent serving time. Without transport, many families would not be able to make regular visits.

The Happy Bus offers a much needed support mechanism and can save not only money but time and energy for visitors.

Published in Relationships Practice

New Bridge

Written by Works for Freedom (29/04/13)

Founded in 1956 New Bridge offers a wide range of services to help prisoners keep in touch with the outside world and prepare themselves to restablish their lives on release. Through the Befriending and Mentoring Service, volunteers work with longer-term prisoners who have either limited contact, or are no longer in contact, with family and friends.

Prisoners often move to different prisons but the New Bridge befriender stays in contact with them wherever they are, all over the country for the duration of their sentence.


Published in Relationships Practice

Friends of Guys Marsh fund, part-fund and source funding for both small-scale and larger-scale initiatives that support serving prisoners and the resettlement of former prisoners. As a category C prison, a variety of educational, including literacy and numeracy, and vocational courses, including bricklaying, plastering and painting, are provided. The focus is on rehabilitation after release with the aim to provide suitable courses that will effect this in practice.

Read about the latest news and activities here.


Published in Relationships Practice
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